Covid Booklet April 2021

Like many businesses, Canuel Caterers facing the challenges of operating a business through an unprecedented shutdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. None of us could have foreseen the scenarios we are now facing together. As we continue to navigate the changing tides posed by this global pandemic, our priorities remain the same - the safety of our employees and our customers. Whether Canuel Caterers employees are performing critical work in providing boxed meals to school children who would otherwise go hungry or providing take-out foods to various essential services clients, we are enabling our staff to do their jobs as safely as possible to keep commerce running. We continue to operate at reduced capacity using Foodsafe and HACCP processes and principles.

We are here for you. In our 28-year history, Canuel Caterers has weathered many storms. Our legacy is one of customer focus and employee care. Together, as a company, we are committed to preserving that legacy for you.

Please contact the office to discuss our new menu offerings.

Please note: These items are individually packed and served in a closed container for each guest.

My best,

Glenn Canuel

April 2021